Paralegal AB is a unique provider of legal translations and related legal services. Yes, we are mindful that “unique” has become something of a marketing cliché, so let us explain in concrete terms what makes us truly stand out.

Our lawyer-linguists have unparalleled professional qualifications and experience.

Their relevant bar memberships ensure quality, confidentiality and the highest ethical standards.

We are not an agency, so you deal directly with the lawyer-translators responsible for your project.

We are personable and approachable.

We understand the challenges you face, so we are fast, flexible and pragmatic.

Paralegal AB was founded in 2004 and is a well-reputed provider of complex legal translation, legal documentation and contract construction. Our clients include multi-national public companies, global law firms, and small to mid-cap companies in a variety of fields.

Why use Paralegal AB?

• Clarity – up-front transparency means you know what you will get, when it will be delivered and at what cost. No unpleasant surprises. • Flexibility – a no-commitment, framework agreement with Paralegal AB provides the security of knowing you have the best resources on tap when you need them.
• Highly skilled – Our team is probably one of the highest qualified and most experienced on the market.